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Tinonee Vineyard Estate is a boutique working vineyard with 16 acres of various grape varieties: Verdelho, Muscat, Chambourcin, Shiraz and Flano. The changing landscape of the vineyard is captivating as the vines continue to take on an annual varied visual appearance. The first bud break in spring is followed by the large, lush green leaves protecting the grapes in Summer. These grapes are beginning to change colour and ripen, ready for harvest.

Mid-summer is the time for picking the grapes to send to the winery, ready to produce delicious wines. Autumn and winter see the vines loose their leaves and become dormant so they can store their energy, ready for the first bud of spring; and so the cycle begins again.

When you visit Tinonee Vineyard Estate, we encourage you to wonder through the vines to truly appreciate its delightful setting. If you visit during December or January, we welcome you to pick a bunch of grapes to enjoy during your visit or to take home.